One chance only

When you Go to prison (that is own privately) the costs are high. The prisoner is in for 24 hours a day. Learning how to be a better criminal or they don't have anywhere or anybody its third way of life. Instead of sitting around they are hired by company's. Now I not talking about violent crimes. They report to the bus they don't need changes (2 guards that's all that would be needed.) . Th company that hires them gays a tax credit. The inmates get paid its broken up in three ways. First one third goes to the prison, one third goes to any fines or restation (if none it held for when they are released) one third goes to the inmate. If they breakout on this add sentence and can never be on this program again. When they done their time probation officers see where they've been working. They all ready have a job. They are now in a routine of getting up and working. They are now use to paying rent.
They way the system is no one will hire a felon. Now one will rent to a felon. And in order for them to service the go back to crime what else can they do.