Oklahoma Chronic Pain Patients vs United States Government

Chronic pain patients, and chronic anxiety/depression patients are being unfairly punished and denied the very medications that they need to survive and function. The laws that have been passed to attempt to stop drug addicts from misusing and overdosing on opioids and benzodiazepines are instead punishing thousands of innocent Americans who need these medications to live and function within their families, homes, their work place, and in society.

A fair comparison would be to criminalize cars because drunks get in them and drive under the influence and kill thousands of people a year, and sometimes themselves. Or better yet, to criminalize the existence of hospitals because thousands and thousands of people die there every day!!!!!!! Never mind the patient that they help every day!!!!

Drug addicts can now receive Social Security Disability BECAUSE THEY ARE A DRUG ADDICT AND CANNOT WORK! I know this because I was a nurse for a physician who performed SSD evaluations!!! I suggest banning the ability to claim disability benefits if you're a drug addict, alcoholic, or even a cigarette smoker!! That would save the government, and ALL of health care BILLIONS of dollars per year!!!
-I pray that you will see the horrendous error in suddenly telling a 10-, 9115-, 20- year, or even longer, chronic pain patient that, "Suddenly, today, you're no longer in pain!" Or a lifetime sufferer of anxiety or depression, "Congratulations! You're no longer allowed to suffer with anxiety or depression because some dumbass drug addicts misused the same medications you use, so to protect the right of the chronically stupid, we've decided to ban the medication that you need, even though you've never abused it in any way!" PLEASE tell me this is not the real government of my country! (P.S. I'm choosing 'Government Opeations/Congress' on the list below because hopefully that gets your attention!!!

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