Tell your elected officials you're tired of being ripped off by oil companies!

Gas companies are notorious for gouging consumers at least twice a year. They intentionally inflate prices in Winter when people need oil for heat, and raise them again in warmer months when people drive more, for weekend trips or vacations. While they are reaping HUGE profits from price gouging, they receive government subsidies and tax credits.

They are now speculating a shortage because of Iran. Although this shortage does not affect the United States directly, gas prices have already begun to soar. According to news reports, the shortage of oil from Iran will affect Great Britain and France. The oil companies in the U.S. will sell them oil should this occur. They stand to make substantial profits from this sale to other countries, while they continue to rob consumers at gas pumps in the U.S. with exorbitant and inflated prices. Outrageous!

There is not a shortage of oil in the U.S., as we don't get oil from Iran. It should also be noted that there isn't a shortage of oil in Canada, Mexico, or Venezuela, all countries where the U.S. gets oil from currently. The U.S. also has a reserve oil supply, which could be used, if there ever was an oil shortage. It's time to make a statement to big oil companies, and tell them you've had enough of price gouging. Purchase your gas from Citgo or Hess gas stations, who historically have cheaper gas prices, because their gas is from Venezuela.

By signing this petition, I am putting my elected officials on notice. Our government has an obligation to protect consumers from abuse by oil companies, who are deliberately inflating the price of gas and oil at exorbitant rates. It's time to put an end to price gouging, and impose restrictions that protect consumers. In addition, these same oil companies should not receive subsidies, and/or tax credits. No other company would get away with this.

Should these oil companies attempt to retaliate regulation, by deliberately decreasing oil production, they should be subject to heavy fines, and prosecution.

Thank you for your immediate action in this matter.