OCS wrongfully taken my grandkids

The year 2014, my daughter became pregnant at the age of 16. The guy whom impregnate my daughter was 38, also a friend of the family. Nobody would do anything for the man wasn’t doing anything wrong do to age of consent. My daughter gave birth to my granddaughter 10/06/15 in the hospital OCS came to remove the baby where I stepped up and paid to be the babies guardian. OCS kept hounding me as far as the baby goes saying I wasn’t following their rules. This is when it came out of the social workers mouth that I was voluntarily in custody. The case worker sat in my home for hours claiming how beautiful mixed kids are and how she would quit her job to keep my granddaughter. Once I stated I no longer want to volunteer their services, within that week, the case worker came with cops to take not only my granddaughter but my son as well. Within a month, I received my son back. I never was able to get my granddaughter back. By 09/17/16 came a little boy in which OCS removed straight from the hospital because they had my granddaughter. We never had a chance with him. By 2018, here came child number 3. In order to keep her, my daughter and the father to the other 2 kids were forced to sign over their rights as parents. The adoptive parent happens to be the ex wife of the kids father. I couldn’t have my grandkids because there is no proof I have any native blood in me, however the adoptive parent dose not carry native blood either. The kids are half black and half Eskimo. My 3rd grand baby is black. We still have her. We are so dangerous for these other kid’s, but not our black one’s. OCS paid for me to travel across Alaska with the 1st born to a village I knew nothing about and allowed us to stay in the home of a registered sex offender. The adoptive mother has had complaints on her by people working for OCS in which she just simply gave the kids back to the agency where at this point OCS begged her to take the kid’s back and this time she couldn’t return them. Do to the kids being the adoptive moms x husbands kid’s, brings out a lot of pain and sorrow within the adoptive parent which is causing her mental break downs and being really rude to not just the adoptive kid’s but her personal kid’s as well. The adoptive parents family is now reaching out to our family and friends making comments such as Rena is over her head and OCS should have just given your family back your kids. The kids names has legally been changed causing the children much confusion with their life.
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