No Summer Break for the House

We have a major crisis at the border with several illegal immigrants trying to storm our tattered wall. The border patrol is overwhelmed by trying to control the situation in a humanitarian way, but many visitors such as Ocasio Cortez and Cory Booker say that conditions are deplorable in the holding cells, so if that is the situation then why hasn't the congress submitted bills to fix the problem???

Meanwhile, our great Speaker of the House has decided to shut down the House for 6 weeks and allow the Representatives to go home with many important issues that are unfinished, like the border wall, immigration reform and infrastructure.

Nancy Pelosi took her vacation overseas and is having a good probably at the American taxpayers expense, while border patrol agents are struggling to keep America . Medical , food, housing and legal fees have have already cost us over $136 billion, and the that number keeps going up every day. With that kind of money we could have built 3 very secure walls.

Since the House Reps are not working they should not be paid for 6 weeks, or they should be recalled to finish unfinished business immediately. The American taxpayer has spoken who pays your salary.

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