No Reparation for Slavery

The continuous movement by the BLM and other organizations are pushing for reparation for Slavery. We as taxpayers today are in no way responsible for slavery, in fact most of us don't even no our ancestors' names. I call on Congress to open their eyes to the movement and see that their entire movement is positioned now in order to hold over your heads their vote. Every article in the news media blames the white race of today for what happened centuries ago and the latest news stated by a noble congressman revealed proof that the Democratic Party was the main group discriminating against the Black race.
I call on the Congress to take action to stop these movements that divide our country even more than it is already. Stop encouraging the movement of a group of 2-3% of the population by removing statues, and names of our history and replacing them with people of the Black race. If you truly want unity and peace in this country, then stop dividing the people.