No More Spring forward to Daylight Saving Time use permanent Standard Time time and rearrange time zones

The Arizona and Hawaii people do things right now Congress have all the rest of the US HAVE NO more putting clocks forward to DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME. Putting the clocks forward to DST makes the summer evenings to HOT especially in the southern states were it's in the mid to upper 90's from around April to late October sunsets in the summer would be better at 7:30 pm and have it daylight until 8:00 pm that's plenty late with the heat. it doesn't need to be daylight until 9:00 pm that's way to late when it's HOT it also makes you have to use more AC in the evening . some people in some states are trying to make DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME PERMANENT!!!! NO !!!!! NO !!!!! NO !!!!! I'M making this petition is for people to sign to GET RID OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME NOT HAVE IT. The government already tried permanent daylight saving time back in the winter of 1974 1975 so don't make the same mistake again and have winter sunrises at 8:40 am and some places maybe later than that. This petition is strictly to GET RID OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !!!!!!! . One last thing here is a photo of how the time Zones should be divided that I came up with having all the time zones on state lines so that every state has one time zone and not some have 2 time zones that's dumb .example Michigan Indiana Ohio Kentucky Tennessee all should be on Central Standard Time. So in the summer it stays light until 8:00 pm and NOT !!!! 10:00 PM because they are on Eastern DAYLIGT SAVING TIME in the summer. Those states are to far west to be on the eastern time zone and then to be on daylight saving time also. they should be on Central Standard Time permanent
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