No More Deadbeat Non Custodial Parents

This petiton is for single parents to get more help from the non custodial parent instead of the state.

There are more single parent households in America than there are two parent households.

In the state where I live (Delaware) the non custodial parent is ordered to pay 40% of their income to help support their children, this is only financially. It takes two people to make a child and it takes two people to raise a child and provide medical support, emotional support and educational support, mental support, ect. There are way too many deadbeat parents that are allowed to walk away from their responsibility to their children and this needs to change. I like many single parents would like the federal government to create a law that enforces deadbeat parents to be held more responsible for their children such as to provide care for their children when the custodial parent is at work or in school if the NCP is not working or in school or take the children to doctor appointments and go to school confrences, all the things that a parent should be responsible for. They need to know about their children and they need to be active in their lives. This will help cut back on POC spending for many states. If there is a court order for child support there should be a court order for visitation attatched to the child support order, that way the children can still have a relationship with the NCP and the custodial parent can have time for themselves or to take care of errands or whatever they need to do without the children being present, it will also cut back on abuse to children who only have one actively responsible parent. NCP are no enforced to participate with raising their own children such as taking them to doctor appointments or going to school confernces or seeing their children on a acceptable basis. There are so many household in distress because there is no help coming from the NCP. As a single mother of three children and no support system I have have lost countless jobs because I am the only parent being held responsible for the welfare of my children because they live with me. Their fathers are ordered to pay support but neither of them are paying & the court does not automatically order visitation for the NCP, nor do they order them to be held responsible for the children they help bring into the world. There need to be some changes in the laws. Deadbeat parents should be charged with neglect for not being responsible for their children on all levels that a custodial parent would be held to. It is child neglect to purposly go without providing for your children. I ask that congress create a law that will hold deadbeat parents accountable for their actions of child neglect and to have a law to enforce and participate with the up bringing of their own children.