No more Child abduction by cps we need change

I ask your for our mothers our fathers or sons daughters. Reform cps shouldnt have the rights that they do this is what cps has done to me my kids my family ripped apart cause i was pregnant and sick with covid 19 when i went to deliver my son i test positive for marajuana which is legal and theres no law saying a pregnant woman cannot smoke it while pregnant i had already stopped but was still testing positive at the time of delivery and cause i was sick i was taking sudefed so i tested positive for amphetamines i tried to tell the worker that she didnt want to hear it she insisted i start substance abuse services without secondary testing to see ifbit was amphetamines from actual drugs or from over the counter meds i was supposed to be in isolation she didnt care she insisted i go to test and sign up and start drug classes and council ing she insisted on kidnapping my new born son and my 5 and 7 for federal funding and i have proof they lied under oath and the judge and all the attorneys even my public defender was against me they put i was on opiates and methamphetamines marijuana and fentanyl and forged and made the babys drug tests when the stole poop for testing and couldnt use it due to contamination they even had the hospital staff helping lie and steal samples for testing this worker came without a warrent to remove my children but left them in the home wrote they took them from me at my unknown address and placed them with there father in the home we all lived in for the last 8 years i have proof of that too she then text me telling me if i went back home she would remove my children from the home and from their father i have that in a text i am now homeless and have been since march 23 i have only got one visit with my new born they stole precious bonding time from me and my son my kids first day of school my little girls 7th birthday all gone without me there they shouldnt have that power to get government funding because even know they never removed my kids they still got paid that money playing the system and still havent givin me my paid services to reunify with my children this is hell for me cause they fell short on funding cause pandemic covid 19 and low abuse reporting they resort to lying fraud purgery falsifying documents the worker even tried to get my husband cut off cash aid and semt a letter saying he was collecting va pension and he wasnt va confirmed they never sent any letter to them more lies and criminal activity by people with the power to legally abduct and alienate children from their parents this is bull we need reform they should be put in jail for what they have done to me and herebi am in the streets unable to go home and who can i tell no one that will listen and punish them like i would be punished if i were to do these things please i beg you to look into this i have proof the riverside child protective services frauding to het funds from the state and federal funds