No Masks

Joe Biden has launched the RE-MASKING of America and is on the verge of yet another round of unconstitutional and freedom-destroying SHUTDOWNS. What he's done is OUTRAGEOUS. I'm faxing today to tell you that I refuse to accept Mr. Biden's and the radical, unhinged Left's RE-MASKING, JAB MANDATES AND MORE SHUTDOWNS! Perhaps you and your congressional colleagues are OK with what Joe Biden's CDC did in revising their "recommendation" that EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED need to wear masks indoors. But I do NOT want America's children and grandchildren being forced to wear masks in school this fall. COVID-19 and its dreaded "variants" pose a very, very low threat to kids under 18.
I stand with President Trump, who responded to Joe Biden's latest re-masking edict by declaring: "We Won't Go Back. We Won't Mask Our Children." Millions of school-age boys and girls should not be forced to learn online again this year! Studies show that kids, on average, fell FIVE MONTHS BEHIND due to the previous shutdowns! Also, vaccinated Americans should NOT be forced to wear masks in public, but Mr. Biden and his "woke" followers are calling for that too! Please take action now to stop the MASKERADE, or it will be back in full force -- even though science does NOT support mandatory masking or shutdowns and lockdowns. I am deeply disturbed by the rising tide of COVID tyranny.
I see the United States headed back down the RABBIT HOLE of government officials using the coronavirus as an excuse to STRIP AWAY OUR RIGHTS and "reset" America into a socialist, totalitarian country. You must PUSH BACK! Say "NO!" to Joe Biden's re-masking of America! Say "NO!" to more shutdowns and totalitarian edicts! Say "NO!" to vaccine mandates! Or say nothing and watch America die. Please note that I will be monitoring your response (and your congressional colleagues') to my urgent call to action. Thank you for your time and attention.
For life, liberty and limited government,
A Concerned, Taxpaying American