No Lame Duck Bills

Just Extend Current Tax Rates for ALL Americans and your long neglected Budget during this Lame Duck Session!

I am a deeply concerned citizen who voted in favor of the massive change in Congress for the 2010 Midterm elections. There are only two issues this Congress should be dealing with this Lame Duck, or as some are calling it: Zombie session of Congress.

1. Extend the Current Tax Rates for ALL Americans

2. Prepare your super late Budget with REDUCED Spending

I do not want this Lame Duck session to deal with the important issues we elected the new Congress to deal with. There seems to be so much confusion on what this Mid-Term election meant, let me tell you it is a Repudiation of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda and direction of this country. We reject all the policies advanced during this 111th Session of Horror especially all the spending bills and the 90% of bills passed without debate and vote.

You had you time to act in accordance to the will of the American people but rather chose to fundamentally change the United States of America which 70% of the people strongly rejected and fueled the massive rebuke of your Congressional work.

We Mean It!

Do Not Pass Any Bills other than those listed above