No Impeachment

I fully oppose any impeachment inquiries or actions taken against President Trump. This witch hunt has gone on for three years, and Americans are sick of it.
I’ve voted for candidates that lost, and I waited until the next election to try again. The constant effort to undermine and oust a duly elected President of the United States is disgusting.Every effort has come with a pile of corruption and lies on the part of the Democrat party. Democrats deserve to lose for generations based on their behavior, including the actions of the Obama administration and their spying on Donald Trump’s campaign. Someday, the American people will learn about the depths of corruption to which the Democrats sank over these last few years and Democrats will pay for it electorally, as they should.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also turned this process upside down by not allowing a vote by the full House to authorize the impeachment inquiry. So now, most of the country’s citizens have been sidelined. Americans don’t get to see how their Representatives would have voted, in order to hold them accountable one way or the other. The lack of transparency by Democrats is appalling and will be remembered, and Republicans must do all they can to boldly stand up for the American people and our President. The bottom line is this: no impeachment, or be prepared to lose your seat as your constituents will not abide by this sort of corruption. Elections matter. Elections have consequences, as Barack Obama noted once.Donald J. Trump was legitimately elected in 2016, and deserves to be allowed to serve his term.
Thank you

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