No Dual Citizens in Government

Any person who holds legal citizenship in any Country has an interest in seeing that Country of residence succeed and grow. It follows that if any person holds legal citizenship in multiple Countries, that person has the same interest for each Country of residence.
However, if an issue arises between those Countries, that person may find themselves conflicted as to which side of the issue they wish to support.
If that person works in a position of government in one or more of those Countries of residence, that conflict can have a devastating effect on that person, and on one or both Countries involved.
The potential problems that can arise are vast in number, and the higher this person is placed in government, the more problematic and serious the situation becomes.
Therefore, it is my belief that anyone with citizenship in any other Country should not be allowed to hold any positions in government in the United States, in order to avoid any and all conflict of interest.
Any person, whether elected, appointed, or employed in a government position in our United States should be strictly concerned and devoted to the betterment of our Country, and unimpaired in fulfilling their oath to honor and defend the Constitution, taken when assuming their position.