New meaningful Unemployment Extension (i.e. New Tier)

Approve a meaningful Unemployment Extension (i.e. New Tier)

Senator Gillibrand,

What action, if any, are our Represenatives in Washington doing to approve a real unemployment extension (i.e. A new tier level) to assist those unemployed Americans who have suffered the brunt of this recession while taxpayer assisted loans were given to "Wall Street and their Cronies" under the Tarp program so they could pay record bonuses to some of the very people that are responsible for creating this economic disaster?

I realize the unemployed are the Weakest group and possibly the easiest to deny addressing. We have all we can do to survive on the meager unemployment payments as it is, and it's shocking to me that this immediate problem takes the back seat to all other problems this once great nation enjoyed.

I along with many would like to see passage of an unemployment extension that will assist those of us that have struggled the longest with the least! And it would be nice if that process mirrored the "arm twisting and back door agreements" that enabled the Health Care Reform to pass.

I was not against the idea, but the process used in the passage of the Health Care Reform was outright disgusting and will be hard to forget because in my opinion, efforts to help the Long Term Unemployed pales by comparrison.

I would appreciate some strong action on this matter. I have worked very hard all of my life since age 17 and in 33 years have never been unemployed and find it insulting that our Suposed Represenatives in Washington would opt to take an extended recess without action while so many unemployed are trying to figure where their next meal will come from.

I would appreciate a detailed response to what action is planned and by when!

Thank you.

David D. McEvoy


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Remember the corrupt, inequitable, unconscionable, vexatious, and opprobrious conduct of our supposed "Represenatives" in Washingtonton that occurred on March 21, 2010 on Election Day!  

Make it a good day!