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A growing number of jurisdictions expunge or seal the entire record once the completion of sentence or the conviction was granted a Criminal Pardon by the Governor. Through criminal rehabilitation proceedings, it restores all the rights and privileges of which the person was deprived by reason of the conviction. Excluded is a permit to own, possess a firearm. Commonwealth State Massachusettes with a Executive Pardon orders the record of conviction to be sealed. Pennsylvania allows for Judicial Expungement. Commonwealth of Virginia or Kentucky do not allow sealing or expungement of record. Ohio, West Virginia and New Jersey allow expungement or sealing after a Granted Pardon. States like Kansas, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Rhoad Island, South Dakota, Utah and Washington allow certain misdemeanors to be court sealed 5 years after the completion of sentence, 10 years after the completion of sentence for a first time non-violent felony. District of Columbia, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida do not allow record sealing or expungement. All states need to get on board with the same laws. States that do not allow record sealing are unfair and show discrimination of ex-offenders. I have my Restoration of Civil Rights in Virginia, I was given congratulations for my achievement of good citizenship by the wonderful Governor Mark Warner in 2005. I can vote, hold public office, to serve on a jury, and to be a Notary Public, but I cannot get a job to use my Notary Public because of my criminal record. A Simple Pardon in Virginia puts a letter P(for pardon) on your criminal record, but the employer who might hire you and runs the criminal background report on you only sees the conviction, they do not care if you were granted a pardon or restored civil rights, they will not hire you. Due to the struggling economy and worst labor market since the Great Depression, this new law that would apply to all states would help ex-offenders to remove any barrier to employment, housing and state licenses. <br />
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President Obama today, with out Congress can pass a bill for young illegal immigrants to apply for legal status and work permits, but I cannot get a job as a American. I am asking Congress to please pass the Governor's Forgiveness Bill for all people who are Americans.

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Jul 21st, 2017
Someone from Plainfield, NJ writes:
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It is mind numbing that a mistake can make you a second class citizen for your entire life no matter how long you remain trouble free or how you prove you reformation because you don't have political connections or money for lawyers.
Jun 16th, 2017
Someone from Woodbridge, VA writes:
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With having been convicted as a first time nonviolent felony 13 year ago myself, who has a family and is hardworking; I completely agree! Finding employment at first was difficult, but then I got lucky and found an employer that looked passed my mistake and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to prove myself. I have had the opportunity to grow in the industry but due to my criminal record have been limited to the positions I can hold/apply for to advance in my field making it difficult to obtain the pay grade/position within the company that I am more than qualified for and should be receiving. This makes things hard not only career wise but also for my family due to not being able to grow income with the cost of living these days. My rights have been restored and I plan on asking for a pardon but as mention in some comments of this post a"p" stating that you have been pardoned doesnt do anything like a sealed record would. Hopefully the Government will wake up and see that sometimes people make a mistake that they regret and just need the chance to do better. Wake Up America! Stop judging others! Not all people are bad people.
Jun 9th, 2017
Someone from Phoenix, AZ writes:
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I agree, a new law needs to be in place even if it is 10yrs later after a conviction or whatever it is better than nothing at all. We did the crime, paid the time, the fee's, and mending our wrongs only to see be shut out by the world.
May 7th, 2017
Christopher G. from Okemos, MI writes:
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great idea
Feb 26th, 2017
Zachary M. from Aurora, CO writes:
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We need this to happen across the State of Colorado also because of Colorado being a corrupt and immoral state government
Feb 16th, 2017
Someone from Lexington, OK writes:
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The only legal way they can take our firearms away from us is to make us all felons. So is it any wonder why America locks up more people then any other country in the world. Most Americans don't have a clue what's going on until they are slapped with a felony for spitting on the side walk or jaywalking! Way to many misdemeanors are being re-classified as felonies. Once a felon, you'll play hell getting a pardon or restoration of your civil rights. And you can still kiss your gun rights bye bye. To many state Governors are stipulating "No Firearm Rights" to pardons. Something I find very interesting is this: Every piece of legislation pertaining to civil rights restoration or felony expungment on the federal level has died in the house judiciary committee. This will only stop when every single American citizen tells their representatives "ENOUGH"
Feb 10th, 2017
Someone from Midlothian, VA signed.
Feb 4th, 2017
Lisa R. from Montverde, FL writes:
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I have a son who did some stupid things as a 16yr old kid and got a felony. He didn't kill, rob, or have anything to do with drugs. He is now 30 years old with a family. He has always had trouble getting a job, but when he does get a job they tell him he a real hard worker. He can't get an apartment either. I truly believe that there should be a new bill/law regarding pardons and restorations regarding civil rights, for adults who received a felony under the age of 18 or 21. Who has spend their adult live trying to be a good citizen/person,
Feb 2nd, 2017
Someone from Waynesboro, VA signed.
Jan 23rd, 2017
Keith J. from Lake Wales, FL writes:
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Was charged for a non-violent felony 33 yrs. ago. Received a full pardon with all rights restored and to the law I still have no rights. I have been a law abiding citizen ever since, not even a traffic ticket. I'm 55 now and just want my life back!
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