Dear Representative,

Please act now; North Carolina Legislation is now preparing to pass a State Budget that will affect over 40,000+/- incarcerated men and women who have no public VOICE. Prison corruption is ramped; prisoners are starving and suffering from malnutrition. The elderly are dyeing left to lie in their own feces. The mentally ill our being abused, the chronically ill have been denied treatment of infectious disease and medication to sustain lives. Prisoners are kept in dorms without air-conditioning, while temperatures exceed 90 degrees inside. NC DOC records department, over the inmate (OPUS system) has modified thousand of records forcing inmates to remain in prison past their minimum sentences, earned from good time credits. We want you to know that slavery is thriving in the South, off the sweat equity of thousands in imprisoned here. Please show some human compassion?.. please hear their cry!


P.O. Box 49572

Charlotte NC 28277

252-722-3414 email



On June 8 & 9 from 9:00am to 5:00pm NC-CURE Advocates and Members are calling Governor Bev Perdue?s office on behalf of the 40,000+/- people suffering inhuman conditions in PRISON facilities across the state.

Dial (800-662-7952) or (919-733-2391)

As you know, recent legislative decisions calling for additional cuts to DOC will have a catastrophic impact to the lives of people in prison.

Let the Governor know we mean business and want reform and improved conditions for people in prison, below is a list of issues taken from family members, please address these issues and any of your own! Do not delay, please mark your calendars to make your call!

? Temperatures inside are exceeding (97) degrees, due to facilities turning off air conditioning and others without it.

? Inmates are losing unhealthy amounts of weight due to food supplies rationed and lack of nutritional meals.

? Medical care and needed medicines are being denied and/or discontinued.

Medications for psychotropic drugs to treat mental health disorders are being discontinued and medical health grades changed.

Inmate trust accounts are debited for medical visits they do not receive and medical requests are being denied.

Follow up medical care and diagnostic tests are being denied after being ordered by DOC physicians or outside vendors.

Inmate trust accounts are charged excessively for unwarranted write-ups being issues to inmates.

Abusive use of solitary confinement without inmate due process and review of the amount of time inmates are forced to stay in confinement.

Inmates have limited access to jobs, programs and education, denying them the opportunity to earn (good time) credits and reach their minimum sentences.

DOC Combined Records is entering inaccurate data regarding inmate earned credits and loss of credits due to disciplinary action. OPUS projected release dates are based on information entered at each facility.

Family of incarcerated people were forced to pay over eight million dollars in excessive phone fees in profits going directly to NC DOC.

Inmates are being transferred hundreds of miles from family denying families the opportunity to visitation.