National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act

Some Pediatric Brain Tumors Have NO Treatment and a 100% Fatality rate

There is now a way to help not only fund research for Pediatric Childhood Brain Tumors but also to help provide a collaboration effort towards treating this fatal disease and all you have to-do is sponsor and vote for it to become a reality.

The purpose of this is to amend the Public Health Service Act to create a National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network to provide grants and coordinate research with respect to the causes of and risk factors associated with childhood brain tumors, and for other purposes.

We want you to vote for this so that no more children have to die like so many already have because there has never been anyone that has gotten behind this cancer in the way that others have had so much success in treating. I am excited that the Congress is now starting to-do this and hope you will continue to see this over the finish line.