We will be implementing a petition to start what will bring this madness to its knees- This is totally unacceptable! The children want to have fun not be in fear! This proves that these two are a menace to society and they deserve everything they get! and the better not think that this was in self-defense - because the person that was in the act of self-defense can’t defend himself anymore. We here at the Naismith international basketball foundation will not tolerated this anymore- We will be petitioning to end this madness with the NAISMITH’S UNSPORTSMANSHIP RULES! Guns just entered the forbidden zone! Guns at a youth football game are only acceptable for the qualified individuals – Michael Hickmon just lost his life because two visitors from another team killed him in cold blood. Coach Hickmon had no chance when he was bum rushed by the Talib brothers and their entourage on August 13, 2022, in Lancaster Texas! My name is Hector Perdomo, and I am the President of the Naismith international basketball foundation, and this is enough of the unsportsmanship attitude that led to this assault and cold blooded killing of a PILLAR of the community! We have three rules that need to be implemented IMMEDIALTY into the world of youth sports and any other sporting regimen that wants to be a part of our movement – THE NAISMITH NATION-
1st – Offense -
A.) Immediate ejection from the game!
B.) *$500 fine paid on the spot & police escort off the property
2ND –Offense –
A.) Immediate ejection from the game!
B.) Mandatory 1 year of volunteering service to officiate a sport that kin/child is not participating-
C.) *$2,500.00 fine paid on the spot & police escorts off the property
3rd - Offense -
A.) Immediate ejection from the game!
B.) Banned for life!
C.) *$5,000 fine- paid on the spot & police escort off the property
*All fines and penalties will be allocated into an escrow account for the officials organization**

This is WAY-WAY- WAY - out of control!

Watch "Man dead in shooting at youth sports park in Zephyrhills" on YouTube