We live in a world of Change, We must work together to build a society of advanced culture and understanding

Today the human relies on its instincts to bring about an understanding of him or herself based on the outside world.

They rely on their 5 senses to explain what is absolute to them

once that is accomplished from years of seeing, touching, feeling, tasting, and hearing

A reality comes to form from memory

We live in a world of confusion, pain, suffering and misleading

We have been stripped of our rights for security

Congress must act to promote a society of mind and science

a different branch of influence. To better our understanding of who we are. where we come from, and how we can work together to stop all the wars, greed, corruption and power all around the world.

We must convert our society to a resource based economy in a sane and peacefull transition. Free of polution of the enviroment, that of the mind and its understanding.

When you filth a mind, the mind will have negative thought patterns and act the way its been made to operate. Influence is the biggest part. This is an influence of liberation.

I only seek to better our society and work together as one

to bring a new age of enlightenment, peace, and unified order.

I feel as if our Government is putting its foot in the doors of countries we are not welcome. Just as the Redcoats did during their reign. Back then it was Tea, Now its oil.

Humans use a low percentage of potential of mind.

Our biggest weapon is knowledge, The weapon that fourths weapons into existence.

I feel its time to excel our knowledge on who we actually are, and what we the people can do to save our friends and family from mislead government progression. Our government must promote a new age of peace and build our society to greater hieghts!

A society that envokes on the spiritual and science progression.

We are built to learn, We are made for peace.

New Age of Awareness Prosperity

We the people have the right to bring peace!

Hatred has had its reign for generations, the fighting must stop

We must work together as a world.

a society of art, peace, and science.

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