My Pain Is Crushing Since My Pain Meds We’re Discontinued

Please help all of us living with horrible pain to get back the only thing that helps us survive this constant agony.
Since my medication was discontinued , I must stay in my bed, which means I miss out on my family, friends,other important things I was able to enjoy before my medication was cut , because my doctor was afraid following the “opioid war”
I understand the opioid problem, but in an effort to stop abuse, true pain patients are suffering every minute of the day , because we are lumped in with people who abuse the meds. I do not abuse them.
Pain sufferers, are taking their own lives because they can’t take the pain anymore. I completely understand, as I have prayed that I would die in my sleep ending my nightmare .
Please stand up for me before Congress and return my rights as a human being, and for all of those trying to have a life again
This is in your hands. I’m praying for you to understand just how damaging the current situation is for those of us who suffer terribly without proper medication . You could literally save lives, You please help.
Thank you
Sherry Etoll

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