My Body My Choice - No Mandatory Vaccines

This petition calls upon the U. S. Congress to represent the United States of America when Ms. Pelosi, Bill Gates, and those who want to push mandatory COVID-19 testing and mandatory COVID-19 vaccines on America try to push their agenda through legislation. This is a severe violation of our civil rights, and we must resist such assaults on our rights as human beings. We must immediately open a civil rights lawsuit against anyone who signs such legislation and encourage all Americans to do likewise. Our liberties have been stepped on, squashed, and violated in a myriad of ways since 9/11/2001. How many liberties we have lost, and yet the assault upon our remaining liberties is unrelenting. We need Congress to be our voice in Washington, D.C. to say "Enough is enough." Protect our civil rights and start acting like a body who respects that they are working for the people, of the people, by the people, and not for the pharmaceutical industry.
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