Much More US Support is Needed in Ukraine Immediately!

We are writing to urge you to use your influence to get the U.S. to take a harder and more assertive stance in the current Europe/Ukraine crisis by instituting a lend-lease program as proposed by Alexander Vindman and Dominic Cruz Bustillos in their March 6, 2022 article in Foreign Affairs. If you haven’t read this article we urge you to do so, as it represents the view of many in this country as an excellent alternative to direct military intervention, with considerably less risk. Those of us signing this petition are among the Americans that believe past administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have been too tolerant of Putin’s actions, or have done too little in our response. Putin has repeatedly tested boundaries and has taught by experience that the benefits of his actions consistently outweigh the risk or consequences. This is because repeatedly the US and its allies have not done enough in the past when Putin has dared the world with his open aggression, and we are once again not doing enough now with the Ukraine situation. Russia’s interference in Syria, its occupation of Georgia, and Crimea are learning examples of this, and Ukraine is at risk of being another learning example, and possibly the biggest mistake yet. Even now while Putin attempts to take Ukraine, he has already quietly successfully occupied Belarus with Russian military assets, and the fact that this is almost certainly permanent isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Putin will simply never stop, and if we fail to take immediate action to shore up Ukraine’s resistance, or fail to do enough, Ukraine and other countries will fall, and we will share in the responsibility of what kind of world will follow.

Please, from a moral, humanitarian, strategic, political, and common sense standpoint, we need to do much more and do it immediately.