End Mass Incarceration...Now!

To wit:
Unconstitutionally imprisoning individuals under the "guise of regulation" is the PRIMARY cause of mass incarceration in today's United States of America. Over 90% of the ENTIRE population of prisoners (currently incarcerated in this SAME country) are being ILLEGALLY detained under this SAME "statute"!

By signing this petition, you are petitioning Congress to pass a private law granting the Supreme Court "Appellate jurisdiction" over the judgements entered in United States v. Williamson, No. 13-cr-20011 (D. Kan.), and State v. Williamson, No’s 02C01-0301-FD-22, 02C01-0302-FD-81, 02C01-0309-FD-503, and 02C01-1109-FD-1320 (Ind.) to adjudge whether the sentences were imposed "in violation of the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments".

1. "Imprisonment" (in a federal prison or penitentiary) is NOT "a proper means of regulation under the Commerce Clause".

2. "Punishment" is NOT "a legitimate end of strict, liability statutes".

*The arguments for the foregoing issues are based on the article: “How to End Mass Incarceration...NOW!”

Thank you for your concern and OBVIOUS patriotism!

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