Move Asylum Courts to Embassies to Reduce Migrant Detention

The detention of immigrants to the United States is something that needs to be reduced, so that when it is needed, there are enough resources to provide for those in custody, and the conditions can be improved. Currently, the conditions migrants are detained in are sub-par, to put it lightly.

Simply letting the migrants go is not an ideal solution, because this can promote child trafficking. The most responsible means of reducing the number of migrants held in detention is to remove the incentive. That does not mean restricting legal immigration. What it does mean, is fixing loopholes. One of the reasons that immigrants claiming asylum flood to the border is that the asylum courts are located within the United States borders. Whether the asylum seekers are legitimate cases or not, what this does is create a need for the seeker to remain within the United States until the court hearing.

I petition for Legislative and Executive Branches of the US Government to move the asylum courts to the US embassies of foreign countries where migrants are coming from, so that the seekers can remain in their home land while their cases are being evaluated, avoid risking a long and treacherous journey toward the border, and ultimately avoid detention in horrible conditions at the border. This will greatly reduce the risk taken by migrants. The embassies could also be set up to provide a means of local protection for cases in which it is necessary.

The crisis at the border is not going away without responsible but serious changes. We need to look at this in a way where we are considering the safety of the migrants. Simply giving more resources for better conditions in detention will not fix the problem. We need to reduce the number of detentions in a way that has the best interest of the migrants in mind. Moving the asylum courts is one step, and it will be one of the most significant steps we can take. Please change our migrant policy to have the asylum courts moved to our foreign embassies, for the sake of the migrants.