Remove Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell - Motion to vacate chair in support of petition.

Motion To Vacate Chair

1. The immediate removal, replacement of both speakers of house and senate.
a. Abandonment of post during time of declared national public health crises and/or Exercise.
b. Nancy Pelosi did attempt to quarter the American people and world leaders in rally against POTUS
1. " do not listen to the president of the united states right now "
a. On or about 8/23/2020 in public view.
1. intent to lever American lives;
a. Possible first strike COV-19 aka SARS II attack on The United States by China and/or Exercise.
b During declared/undeclared time of war and/or military exercise.
c. Motion to impeach Nancy Pelosi for Jeopardizing the solvency of The United States
1. Unlawful diversion of funds and by Governors of State in co-ordination with other unknown ;
a. Title 4, Title 6 and Title 7 of The Social Security program - Senator Nancy Schaefer, GA.
b. NPO entitlement.

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