Moorish-American Nationality

Formal recognition of the Moorish-America nationality in light of senate's apology for slavery.

The National Association of Indigeneous Moorish-Americans was organized to promote the formal acknowledgement of the fact that whether the African-American is originally from the continent of Africa, North America, or the Islands, they were indeed tribal people, and indigeneous to their lands of orgin. In light of the fact that African-Americans have been catagorically and systematically disfranchised through the agencies of imperalism,and temporary voting rights,

a constitutionally organized network of Moorish-Americans as a federally recognized automous body of indigeneous Americans should be a viable option for African-Americans who wish to restablish or claim their tribal roots.

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6 hours ago
Clevon M. from Clifton, NJ writes:
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How can APPOINTED STATE OFFICIALS, completely ignore, Notices. Under COMMERCIAL AFFIVDAVIT TITLE 15 U.S.C. , such as NJ STATE PAROLE. NJDOC, AND SEVERAL COURT OFFICIALS, which are clear acts of TREASON, by FELONY MISPRISONS. As Convicted FELONS, yet continue to occupy OFFICES, of The Public Trust? This is A gifted wrapped, issue All are Guilty as charged, and as legislature appoints these individuals , so shall they remove then. Recuse them..
Apr 26th, 2018
Someone from Hesperia, CA writes:
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it is time for are Moorish Nationality to be given back to us, and this fraud to cease, I and my twin sister are 62, my fater had us whwn he was 62, AND SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES 10 CALVERY, NOW I KNOW WHAT HE WAS WAITTING ON, HE ALWAYS SAID IT WAS TIME FOR THEM TO GIVE US BACK WHO WE ARE.
Jan 11th, 2018
Josiah G. from Peoria, IL writes:
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I would like to proclaim
Jan 5th, 2018
Ayana Emoni W. from Holland, MI writes:
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I’m Ayana. I am a living spirit. I am Indigeneous to Turtle Island. I am a Muur American National!
Dec 10th, 2017
william s. from Jacksonville, FL writes:
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I am WILLIAM K SANDERS, I am a indigenous Moor - American National. I am not a U.S. 14TH Amendment citizen, I am not the corporate fiction "WILLIAM K SANDERS" . I here by proclaim my indigenous Moor-American National Status . I am NOT Black ; African-American ; ***** or Colored, I am Not a U.S. Corporate citizen.
Nov 26th, 2017
Desmond R. from Aurora, CO writes:
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Agreed, I no longer want nor require a trustee to handle the affairs of my estate. I am the competent and rightful heir!
Oct 1st, 2017
Michsel S. from Owensboro, KY writes:
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I Michael Ali, in the name of we the sovereign national de jure, pursuant to the Free Moorish/Muurish National Flag the Great Seal, and United States Copyright Certificate #AA222141-A, U. S Department of justice #BM-SHR-$WD144-35-0, (CLASSIFIED "TRUTH A-1"), I michael Ali, being previously and illegally known as Michael Strozier. Has been resolved. I command any and all false debt be stricken from my person. All financial and legal injustices. Be duly and immediately restored to me and my estate. All covert deceitful actions used against me and my family be restored at once. I know who I am. I am a Moorish American I am the Heir to the land and all therein . I know where I am: North West Amexem, Turtle Island, The North Gate, the Maghreb. And I know who you are not. You are not American, you are a Pilgrim, wanderer colonists. You are operating illegally immorally and in a destructive manner on my land. You should find another place to go. I am In Propria Persona Su Juris. We no longer require the Trustee. We are competent heirs.
Sep 26th, 2017
Malik S. from Waukegan, IL signed.
Sep 22nd, 2017
Doretha ?. from Columbia, SC writes:
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I agree. We are not *****, black , african - american, or brown . We are Indigenous Moorish A,mericans
Sep 10th, 2017
Michael J. from San Francisco, CA writes:
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Yes. Naturally. It is inheairently our rightful place in this land, America. My question is how did this once established and recognized relationship with Europeans go missing? I want to reestablish this inhearient Nationality of mine , to-day. Now! Michael Joseph San Francisco, California

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