Modernize and Make Fair Traffic and Speeding Laws

The automobile industry is not a new industry. Vehicle designs have improved alot in all areas since people have been allowed to drive. But, as a driver, I can witness that speeding and traffic laws have not properly been designed to match the way vehicles drive. I have been pulled over on eye contact recently like the police targeting me for yearly ticketing at streets where people more inevitable to violate a minor traffic law. Then the tickets for these minor offenses, speeding in a low speed area, and turning on a no turn on red, are way higher than they should be with a long term punishment of points on my license. Totally unfair and petty. When we drive we press on a gas pedal that accelerates the vehicles without total control over max speeds and low speeds. Instead, the vehicle speed is in hills and valleys. And it has always been that way. The government set the speeding limit standards so that police can punish drivers for just going 1 mile over the speed limit despite not adjusting vehicles to be able to have more control over speed. That is totally unfair. If a person takes their feet off the speed pedal on a street where the speed limit is 40mph, the vehicle will continue to accelerate until it reaches a peak then start to decelerate. So speed limits so match the behavior of vehicles. Instead of a a 40mph speed limit, the speed limit should be 40-45 plus you can be ticketed for 5 over 45 which is 50. Meaning there is no reason a person should be going 50 if they were targeting 40-45. If a person is targeting 40, they will fluctuate between 35 and 45mph. But the government knows that is not the drivers fault, but due to vehicle design. I also believe that alot of speed limits aren't being adjusted so that when they improved accelerating and stopping at shorter distances, they could increase speed where it is 40 to 45 or 50 without fear. Cars go 0-60 faster now and stop 60-0 faster. When the speed limit was set to 40 it was stopping distance for the past. Adjust it to stopping distances for modern vehicles. All speeding limits should be reevaluated and and also a 5 mile window with no tickets until 5 over. Speeding points should either be removed for minor offenses like not stopping at a stop sign or no turn on red, or the amount for when a person can be suspended should be greatly increased to a reasonable number. Tickets should only be given for stop signs and no turn on red if the driver was seen putting other drivers in danger or driving wild. Tickets should be decreased closer to the amount of a drivers license. People should be allowed to ask as many questions as needed during a stop and police should have to provide evidence of the law being broken if ticketing a driver. Fines should never exceed $50 for minor traffic violations like speeding and not making a stop or parking tickets. That should be the law. Courts should not be allowed to use short payment dates. Also, if police are gonna be instructed to ticket drivers for speeding, speeding signs should be place in at corners, either under stop signs and street signs, or in between stop lights. This way every street a driver turns on they will immediately see how fast they can go.