Mind crime/ I'm being stalked and tortured

Hi these people have put a device on my body to torture me and to harrass me they have put electrictronic listening and communicating devices in my brand new apartment I have been tortured for over 6 years and I have been exploited for money on the internet I need help to bring these people to justice I need your help the presidents help and the FBI's help to stop these people from taking my rights to being able to think freely and to have safety in my own aapartment and to have just peice and quiet they have done bodily harm bye putting this device in my body and they torture me with it for over 6 years and 8 months I am John McLaughlin at 224-323-1258 2418 E Hintz Rd Apt 306 Arlington heights IL 60004 call me please I will stand up and testify against these people I no who they all are help me help you to bring these people to jail I demand your help and justice I am a citizen of the USA and my Human rights have been violated I need your help