Medicare Do Not cut Cancer Care

Our government has spent multiple trillions in the eight months of this current administration. Given non-citizens free medical care and benefits they never worked for. Cutting cancer care for those on Medicare is a death sentence for some people. Stop giving our money to non- citizens, stop this outrageous spending. Inflation has reared it’s ugly head . Food prices are out of sight. What was once a $240.00 bill, is now a $350.00 bill. This endless spending, out of control money printing Will at some point crash our economy. It doesn’t take ‘experts’ to understand that. People worked to get Medicare. They deserve the best cancer care. New treatments must be brought into play. Chemo has been around so long and there are different ways to treat cancer. The problem is big pharma wants the maximum amount of profit, as if their struggling to survive. We need more openness and innovation in this area and other medical areas. Start with stopping the wasteful spending and stop politicizing areas of health that should be about helping people live better lives. Leave politics out of health care. A country survives with guarded borders. No borders, no country. Spending money on non-citizens hurts the citizens that built this country. This is not a difficult decision. It’s a political mess and people are tired of it.