Medicare Coverage for the Omni Pod Insulin Pump!

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There are millions of us with Type One Insulin Dependent Diabetes! We all want to begin or continue wearing an Omni Pod Insulin Pump! You must change the Code Numbers and the Wording to Accomplish this! If you refuse to do this Healthcare cost are going to go through the ceiling! Diabetes if not properly controlled will cost this country millions of dollars this can be prevented by using the Insulin Pump made by the Insulet Corporation in Bedford Ma! This will reduce health care cost by allowing the prevention of outrageous complications! Blindness.Kidney Failure,Amputation of limbs due to gangrene from a non-healing scratch!
It's up to Members of the Congress to Oppose or Support this Action: Be aware that there are millions of diabetics in this country trying to maintain control of their diabetes! There are also many Endocrinologist trying to prevent the complications associated with diabetes! It's up to you to vote in favor of this bill or explain to your Constituents with Diabetes why you don't feel that they are important enough for you to help avoid them these problems! Be my Guest and IGNORE US! I'm sure you'll regret doing that! We have diabetes not dementia and there are more than enough of us to cast votes for your opponents! It's up to you so make a decision it's up to you to remain in office or to be sent out to the pasteur and be forgotten about!

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Apr 1st, 2017
Someone from Hitchcock, TX writes:
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This device has changed my life! I have been a diabetic for 45 years and my blood sugar control is the best its ever been with an A1C of 6! I have been on Medicare for 3 years and have been paying for the pods myself. One month supply is $300. I can no longer afford to pay this and I'm going to have to change. Unless a person has been an almost lifetime diabetic, they have no idea what this means!! Please give serious consideration to approving this wonderful, life-changing device. My only income is now Social Security and it's financially impossible to continue using this product.
Feb 22nd, 2017
Someone from Providence, RI writes:
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Diabetics should have a choice to use the best medication delivery for themselves, along with doctor's advice. The more that a diabetic controls their blood sugar level, the less likely they are to have costly complications. So if a diabetic is using an insulin pump that works for them, then they will be healthier in the long term. Do the right thing and allow the Omnipod to be covered by Medicar.
Feb 7th, 2017
sheila j. from Rockledge, FL writes:
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please please please reduce the burdenof diabetes with covering the Omnipod system. it allows my husband blood glucose control for first time in 30 years as diabetic and improved his lifestyle.
Feb 6th, 2017
Joedy L. from Staten Island, NY signed.
Jan 30th, 2017
Someone from Shelby, MI signed.
Jan 27th, 2017
Jordan G. from Bellingham, WA writes:
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I use the Omnipod system, along with a continuous glucose monitor, to manage my Type 1 Diabetes. Using these two systems together has given me great control, which has helped me in many ways. Omnipod is much more convenient for users than a tubed system. It is also much safer! With no tubes, there is nothing to get caught on things when changing positions, or maneuvering in tight spaces. Nothing that will catch and pull the infusion site out, which is painful, and can be very dangerous, not to mention unsanitary. The Omnipod system is shock proof, it can take a beating and still function properly. Not so much with the tubed systems. The PDM controller for the Omnipod also contains its own glucometer, so the patient has one less device to worry about. It is also very simple to use, unlike some of the tubed systems. And warranty is 4 years, most cars don't even have that kind of warranty. Omnipod is waterproof, this means you can bath without having to interrupt insulin delivery, meaning better blood glucose control and management. Three whole days without insulin delivery interruption! This is an amazing and almost unheard of idea to us Type 1 diabetics! Overal costs are basically identical with the tubed systems. With proper control of blood glucose levels, comes greatly reduced overall medical costs. Make the right decision and let people choose the right pump for themselves, no matter which pump that is. I would not be able to use a tubed pump. I need to use the Omnipod System.
Jan 22nd, 2017
Sharon P. from Conway, SC writes:
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T1D since 1977 looking for a better way to control my diabetes. Please support for Medicare coverage of the Omnipod.
Jan 17th, 2017
Someone from Cedarburg, WI writes:
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I have used a tubeless insulin pump called OmniPod for over 5 years. It allows me to swim and do many things that a pump requiring tubes does not. A tubeless pump is also not as problematic to how people think when they see someone with a pod instead of tubes hanging out into a hip pack attached to a pump. My daughter also uses the OmniPod and she would be devistated if she was forced to switch due to insurance. If someone can evaluate the long term cost of the OmniPod over its competitors, I am sure you would find there isn't much difference. But there is a big difference to those of us who wish to continue using OmniPod. Insurance companies seem to be following each other's lead on limiting coverage to insulin pumps and supplies that use tubes. This is wrong and needs to be rectified which includes Medicare. Thanks for your consideration.
Jan 1st, 2017
Someone from Bethesda, MD writes:
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My husband is using OmniPad, which we pay out of pocket. However, we will both be going on Medicare within in the next year or so. Since my husband has been on the Omnipad he has had no emergency room visits and his diabetes is well managed. I no longer dread finding him collapsed from a diabetic coma. The OmniPad has been life-changing. Please support the payment of OmniPad by Medicare
Dec 25th, 2016
Joanna W. from Columbia, TN signed.