meaningless censorship over the immediate action to remove the exploitation of children on Facebook

Here is a perfect example of how corrupt not only Facebook is, but multiple social media platforms are that seemingly refuse to immediately remove child pornography from Facebook. Let us start with the censorship of the front line doctors. Hopefully with the information I share you will be able to see how certain things are prioritized over sex trafficking innocent children, todays world of modern day slavery.

In recent months there has been and still is a large amount of "conspiracy" surrounding COVID-19, response procedures, and vaccines. I'm making this petition to shed some light on the social media platform, Facebook deliberately focusing on the wrong content that is it censoring. On July 28, 2020 a group of licensed, hands on doctors rallied together and gave a speech sharing important and informative statements in regards to COVID-19 also well known as the "Chinese virus" or as the MSM prefer to call it the "Trump Virus".

These licensed doctors not only shared their expert opinions, but most importantly they shared evidence to ways of treating COVID-19 that have been proved successful in their hands on work with their actual patients. The drug hydroxychloroquine has been disputed, discredited, and has ultimately been swept under the rug without any consideration to licensed hands on doctors who have successfully treated their patients who have unfortunately fell victim to COVID-19.

Once the video was shared it was not long before a number of social media platforms were removing the video from the internet, almost in hopes the important information that was shared to the public would disappear. I have two questions, why would such important information to our U.S. citizens be so heavily censored especially in a time like this? Also, why are we being so strongly encouraged if not forced (because of the wide range of censorship) to put our complete faith in the hands of Dr. Fauci, who with a team of researchers declared HQC a "wonder drug" for corona viruses 15 years ago. Please keep in mind as the front line doctors said, “the virus is 78% like SARS-CoV. The only conclusion I can come up which not only makes a great deal of sense to me, but many others is that the front line doctors essentially gave the U.S. people hope where the media is failing to do so.

We were told "we don't have to die" and thankfully thousands of people saw the video before it was wrongfully censored from like I stated above, multiple widely used social media platforms. These licensed hands-on doctors ultimate goal was to help because they are coming from a genuine place of care and concern for the American people rather patenting viruses to develop a vaccine for financial gain.

This is where the purpose of the petition comes into play. I’d like people to sign this petition to not only spread awareness, but ( mainly) to start an investigation towards Facebook as to why the exploitation of children and distribution of child Pornography is not being made a big enough priority as to why the content is not immediately being removed. Also to give a form of proof to the wrongful, deliberate and hastily censored information to society from the front line doctors that would ultimately benefit us as a people over child pornography, images and videos widely being spread across Facebook through not only posts themselves, but pages specifically made for sharing this type of unlawful disgusting content.

I know for a fact I’m not the only one who has experienced a form of censorship from Facebook with a word being “misused” and categorized as hate speech or a political post that 7 times out of 10 has proven to be true in my opinion and or any other form of censorship that seems extremely less important compared to the distribution of child pornography and the exploitation of innocent children!

Before I go any further, I’d like to ask you this. Why is it more of a priority to Facebook to censor important information verses child pornography and the exploitation of children being censored with the same action being implemented to make sure things such as I have describe be taken off of Facebook with the same “concern”?

I am in multiple groups that expose signs of sex trafficking, child abuse, and share information in regards to reporting the exploitation of children on social media platforms. More times than not we are met with messages from Facebook saying the content we reported is in “review” and we will be made aware and notified the decision made by Facebook in our “support box”.

From my experience and witnessing the experiences from others this has not been made a top priority like it should be and unfortunately I am not the only one who can say the information I have provided is true!
There is only so much we can do as a single individual to put a stop to this modern day slavery children are forced into.

With all political beliefs and opinions aside can we come together as Americans and give these poor innocent children voices where theirs have been stolen from them? If you’d like to see an investigation started against Facebook and if you want answers as to why something like this wouldn’t be made a top priority to begin with, I urge you to please sign this petition! We owe it to these innocent children to also stand up for them where others aren’t.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a few moments to read about the topic I am most passionate about. I’d like to ask that you not only sign this petition, but to share it far and wide to show our nations leaders this can no longer be tolerated!

I’d also like to provide you with an email address located at the bottom of this page where you can share your personal stories, experiences, things you’ve reported that’s been denied removal, how you think this type of censorship could negatively effect the American people, and how you feel about meaningless things being prioritized over the censorship of the exploitation of children through Facebook's platform from pages and posts.

You can share anonymously if you wish, but I plan to make several copies of all the information I’ve gathered and that is sent in and personally mail it to Facebook headquarters, Congress, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and most importantly the White House.

Thank you again and God bless!

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