Mandatory jail sentences for those convicted with any kind of child sex abuse

There are mandatory sentences for some cases of drugs but none set in place for those who sexually abuse children.. We should never allow people who've admitted to having relations with a minor to get a suspended sentence. Attorneys should not be able to cross examine children under the age of 18 when it comes to sexual misconduct only the perpetrator. Children cannot stand up against attorneys brow beating them and 1 little mistake causes the survivor to be guilty. I'm asking for mandatory jail sentences and at least 5 years probation. This is our children our future. No one comes forward because they're scared in when justice isn't served for something so heinous you lose hope and your faith. Child molestation and rapes are so rampant now it has integrated in to every parti of our society but if you make it more punishable I mean seriously punishable it will send a message.

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