Mandatory Inclusion of All Govt Employees on Public Option

Any program of this size needs tested adn evaluated. Why not use the government as test groups instead of us?

If the Federal Government passes Health Care Reform that includes a public option, we hereby demand the following actions be implemented coinciding with the increases in taxes. These steps should be evaluated for a period of no less than 3 years, to coincide with the enactment of benefits under the proposed legislation. These steps will provide a focus group of roughly 3 million individuals, in which the government can prove the effectiveness of the legislation, before proceeding to the general population. These steps shall also serve as fiscal proof that the government option can reduce costs. We should know what we are currently spending to insure these individuals, at the end of three years a cost assessment shall be conducted, allowing the program to be evaluated. The following groups were based on the fact that they are either the decision making groups or those that have the most contact with the decision makers, as well as being a fair cross section of the population.

1. All Members and staff of the Congress of the United States shall be enrolled in said Public option. This will reduce costs, and eliminate these so called Cadillac plans that are detrimental to the budget.

2. All Members of the White House staff shall be enrolled in the same plan. For the sake of the Union, the President shall be exempt.

3. All Governors and State legislators shall enroll as well.

4. The estimated 2 million US Govt employees (non-USPS) shall enroll in said Govt. option.

5. The 656,000 USPS employees shall enroll as well.

6. Any corporation that has taken Govt. funds in a bailout or direct Federal aid shall be enrolled in said plan. This shall include terminating negotiated contracts with unions. All health care benefits shall be converted to the Govt. Option.

7. In the event that a Govt option is not defined at implementation, all of the above groups shall be enrolled in Medicare / Medicaid, with an exception being made to the requirements for Medicaid. Upon completion of the "Govt. Option" said groups can be moved out.

8. Any Govt. Employee or Elected Official, who reaches the prevailing Age of Retirement, shall have their existing benefits terminated and enrolled in Medicaid. This is to be known as the "Obama pain pill" provision.

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