Mandatory Dyslexia Testing in All 50 States

Only one state, Texas, requires its schools to tests its children for dyslexia; therefore, many educationally challenged children are slipping through the cracks

Recently, I became aware that Texas is thee only state that requires its schools to test its students for dyslexia. This means that children in the other 49 states are slipping through the cracks. Additionally, there is a controversy as to where this falls, medical or educational. Medical insurance won't cover it because they say it's educational and the educational system won't take responsibility for it because they say it's medical. Basically, it seems to be a catch-all terms, but yet the people with this condition, it's very real to them and the parents and families of the children struggling through school. I am one of those grandparents. My granddaughter not only suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder, but Dyslexia as well. We can find no one to help us on he medical nor educational sides of the realm. It is well past time that something is done about this. As I see it, the condition falls equally on both sides because occasionally the children require special reading glasses and/or medication and they also require special learning techniques. How can no one in Congress or the Senate pay so little attention to our children's education. Everyone pays school taxes, so what are we paying for if we no longer have children in school and if the money isn't going for programs such as the ones for children with dyslexia. The profoundly educationally impaired are always considered, the the ones with minor problems get over looked by everyone except the ones who have to see them struggle and suffer. Additionally, the fact that tutor are available based on free or reduced lunch is ridiculous. Tutors should be made available based on the child's IEP. Educational tutors such as Sylvan costs at least $6000 and even if my granddaughter doesn't qualify for free or reduced lunch, we could never afford that kind of money. The way that things are determined by income is proposterous. Whatever my daughter earns has absolutely nothing to do with my VA Compensation or SSDI because I don't support them and they don't assist me. Children with learning problems should be one of this nations number one priorities, but it seems to be war instead or something else that should be further down the lists. Veterans trying to keep their heads about the cost-of-living should be number two, but I think we're below education. Regardless, at this moment, my main concern to trying to help the children with dyslexia.