Make product packaging easier to recycle

Many easily recyclable products are packaged in a way that either taints the recycling process or makes a product un-recyclable. For example many independent breweries are now tainting aluminum cans with non-removable plastic labels. Plastic produce containers have multitudes of sticker labelling that are impossible to remove and prevent a product from being recycled.

Many countries such as Japan have regulations for product packaging that make labels and other materials easily removable so that an item can quickly be separated into components for easier recycling. This includes perforated labels for easy removal and either similar plastic recycling values for labels to maintain a product recycling ability.

We need to stop shipping these contaminated streams overseas to be burnt and instead focus on our own internal efforts. This small change in manufacturing of packaging can easily be implemented with minimal effort but has a huge impact on our ability to recycle and maintain a healthy environment.

I ask Congress to enact legislation that forces manufacturers to update their packaging standards and become part of a solution for limiting our effects on the environment.

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