Make Collision Avoidance Equipment Mandatory For All Aircraft

An inexpensive unit can take some of the pressure off traffice controllers and make uncontrolled airspace safer

We call upon Congress and President Obama to direct the FAA to make collision avoidance equipment mandatory for all aircraft.The technology is here and it is inexpensive enough to be built in to all aircraft being presently built and retrofitted into all older aircraft.

Collision Avoidance capability will help reduce pressure on Air Traffic Controllers and increase safety in uncontrolled air spaces.

We also wish Congress and President Obama to direct the FAA to establish VFR Corridor monitoring in cities with multiple airports with complicated heavy traffic patterns.

Presently Collision Avoidance Units start at approximately $600 six hundred dollars. With greater demand and mass production the costs of these units should become even more accessible. This is a small investment that will pay off in saved lives.