Make Bilingual Job preference/ requirement illegal

Dear members of Congress,
In the past two decades, we have had an influx of Hispanic people coming to this country. I understand that they are looking for a better life. However, it is not fair for immigrants to quietly, sneakily, and unfairly push native Americans out of jobs due to the bilingual language requirement. How can people come into this country and have precedence over the people who have been here?

Many jobs in states such as California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and even Colorado have a "bilingual preferred" or "bilingual required" for job applicants. This is a very discriminatory practice. It hurts Americans but particularly African-Americans. African-Americans are the last group to get hired, and the first to get fired. Jobs that elitists claimed African-Americans would not take were often given to Hispanics. While many people may view the "bilingual preference/ requirement" as limited to just a few states, it will move throughout this country in just a decade. Why should Americans, especially African-Americans, have to learn a language that isn't their native language? African-Americans were stolen from our land and brought here to work this land free of charge. Our language was stolen from us. We were beaten for speaking it.

The "bilingual preferred/ required" is nothing but coded language for Hispanic applicants only. It's a discriminatory practice. It is racist and a double standard. I'm here to tell you that the average American citizen is getting tired of being treated like foreigners in their own country. This is the one thing that will unite Caucasian and African-Americans. You better wake up and pay attention.