Lower sentence for non violent drug offenders in state prisons

My name is sarey giller my boyfriend was sent to state prison on a 10 yr sentence for 1st time meth manufacturing he wasnt around anyone he was trying to sell he had a Gatorade bottle size making shake and bake to get hosself high die to a death in his family he had already been gone 4yrs we have kids that need their dad that suffer from deep depression that lost their grandma since him being behind bars that needed him they cant even hold him over a few mintues if the federal courts can lessen time why cant state it's time something is done over this our daughter will be almost 17 .15.and 13 he is missing them grow up he hurt noome wasnt selling to anyone this just isnt fair please help lower this sentence for non violent offenders so he can be home with his family.he is in hillsboro ill
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