Lost custody of my little girl

Please, I need help. Due to an event that occurred on Oct of 2020, I've recently lost custody of my 12 year old daughter, to her biological, father father. I was a single mom since she was 7 months old, & raised her & her (now 20 year old) brother alone since we left their drug addicted, abusive father back in 2010. After Wayne County Pa children & youth services became involved, I've been given inadequate legal representation, (not being informed about court dates nor given a public defender until one hour prior to my last court hearing, rescheduled court hearings w/no notice, & said i didnt appear, ect), have had numerous different caseworkers who'd been fired for defending my case, then lied by others about cancellations of my visits, completely incorrect drug screening results, miscommunication regarding my supervised visits, & ultimataly, they gave full custody to their father, who was realeased from federal prison after a 3 yr term, 7 months ago, on parole for 3 more years, for abusing his last, now deceased girlfriend, due to me not showing up to a court date i was never informed I was to appear at. Now that man who has $16,000 in unpaid childsupport arrears due to me, who I had to find fir wayne county domestic relations myself, bc they couldnt locate him for 6 years when he wasnt paying me, has my baby girl, & wont let her even call me. Please, help me.