Honorable President

I am a Connecticut residence. I have an unresolved civil matter with the Danbury Superior Court with Rahamat Hydar who is also a Connecticut residence. We have a child together who is two years of age. At the marriage dissolution the court awarded to me the soul and physical custody of the child as the father of the child Rahamat Hydar had completely terminated his communication with the mother (myself) ever since the court ordered the child support and also court found him neglected and abandoned parent of the child. However, based on his request court allowed very limited unsupervised visitation. The father gets incarcerated nearly four times due to non-payment of child support. And he has an order to report to the court in any case of a relocation. He is never been a moral or a financial supporter to raise the child and I have been availing the government assistant as food stamp, Medicaid and WIC for the child. The father earns all in income in cash and also living a luxury life. All fake tax returns produced at divorce by the attorney who represented Rahamat hydar to the court at the marriage dissolution and got away with child support and alimony. Based on the court order it was found Rahamat Hydar was operating five businesses at Bibi Mohammad?s house earning nearly an average income of two hundred to three hundred thousands dollars and never paid business tax returns to the government of United States.

Now that I am requesting him for the tax returns and financial support from the father. Rahamat Hydar and his girlfriend Bibi Mohammad who are living together terrorizing me that they would kill my child and get my child addicted to drugs. I am taking the visitation matter back to the court to save my child from this brutal Rahamat Hydar and Bibi Mohammad. They are attempting any possible way to murder my two year old child as I know that these two people are involved in IRS fraud and Bankruptcy fraud, and insurance fraud together. Bibi Mohammad and Rahamat Hydar who are residing in 33 blackberry road house, in Danbury are abusing the law of this country. Rahamat Hydar has made several bogus complains to Danbury Police/ Brookfield police and to DCF to take my child away from me in order to evade himself from child support and re start his recently closed businesses with his fraud Partner Bibi Mohammad and their worries is that now I found out through IRS that they never paid tax returns to the Government of United States.

My son and I am living a hostile life in this country where no one to turn on for help. We both are victims of the cruelty of Bibi Mohammad and Rahamat Hydar, and Meagan Hydar now they are using authorities to harass me and targeting my child to kill. I am extremely worried for my child?s life. I need government intervene in this matter ASAP. The constant harassment is effecting my health, my ability to concentrate on work and it?s just plain scary. I ignored most of his rants but