License Protection - Stop State, local, Government from suspending / restricting...

License Protection would prohibit any government, state, or local judicial enforcing agency placing restrictions or suspensions on any type of license issued, for reasons other then the regulations set forth in the purpose of issued license.


Drivers License could only be modified, restricted, suspended for failing to comply with safe operation or vehicular offenses stated in rules of operation for such particular issued license purpose.

Prohibiting any modifications, restrictions, and or suspensions applied for financial collective purpose not related to the operation of a motor vehicle.

The same would apply for all licenses issued for professional, business, and others.

Child support collections are not a vehicular offense, thus should have no authority to apply restrictions to drivers license, or other licenses for the purpose of collection.

All citizens, have the right to move about freely and pursue happiness by using their own means of transportation, (and professional services) with out the threat or act of any agency placing restrictive measures that have no relation to the operating regulations based for such license.

Why would a government agency, restrict your license for being late on your apartment rent payment?
No. Your drivers license, has no jurisdiction in the field of law pertaining to lack of payment to your landlord. The Motor Vehicle Department, dictates the operation and regulation of vehicles and roads. Not collections associated to your right to privacy and financial independence.

You, owe me money... So, I take your car...
Now you can't get to work to pay me or feed your self.

Your job income is effected by your ability to transport yourself to the location that supports and offers an income or occupation suited to your needs. Without the threat of restriction.

Many people with restrictions applied, can not ever recover or move forward to improve the status of the situation. They are serving a life sentence of financial hardship and imprisonment within their own homes, without the freedom to move about freely or become independent. Many must rely on others, to fulfill their transportation requirements with no long term constancy or self reliance.

Public transportation, is not offered to the people living away from big cities in small towns. Some locations are effected by extreme weather and temperatures, leaving the person without a drivers license to wonder how long can they survive walking in 117 degree temperatures, to gain low income employment or how to obtain food from a store that may be located 30 miles away?

STOP, restricting the rights of people by unreasonable actions that have no relation to the purpose the licenses field of use. Being behind on your child support payment, does not mean you are not responsible enough to drive.

It just means, you are behind on payments.

It doesn't mean you are a bad parent... It just means, you are behind on payment.

If any restrictions of licensing must be issued, a time limit must be stated.
When a person is sentenced to prison for a crime, a time limit of punishment is stated.
Once the time has expired, the time is served. The person, can move forward...

Suspending or restricting licenses with no established time limit is cruel and unusual punishment.

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