LIBYA: An Appeal to US Congress and Senate for Humanitarian and Military Aid to Save Misrata, Zentan, and Zawiya.

Please Stop the Massacres Taking Place

LIBYA: An Appeal to President Obama, the US Congress and Senate to Provide Humanitarian and Military Aid to Save Misrata, Zentan, and Zawiya.

Mr. President and Right Honorable Members of Congress and Senate:

As an American Citizen who stand for liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness and a constituent I am contacting you to express solidarity with the people of Libya in their struggle to free themselves and their country from the tyrannical murderous 42-year old regime of the "Mad Dog of the Middle East" Muammer Gaddafi, the Godfather of International Terrorism.

The tyrant Gaddafi has turned life into a living hell for Libyan young women, children, and unarmed civilians. For the last forty one years, he has amassed a humongous amount of armaments. He has used his colossal cash of armaments to subdue and terrorize his own people and his neighbors.

Gaddafi has committed heinous acts such the Lockerbie bombing, UTA flight bombing, Sierra Leone atrocities, Chad invasion, German Discotheque bombing, IRA training and arming, and several other international terrorist acts. This sets Gaddafi apart from all other dictators in the region.

Currently, the cities of Misrata, Zentan, and Zawiya, and several others, are either under Gaddafi?s occupation and/or heavy artillery bombardment in clear violation of UNSC resolution 1973. Hundreds of unarmed civilians have been murdered or maimed. Misrata, particularly has been subjected to heavy bombardment and snipping by Gaddafi?s forces and mercenaries who shoot to kill whatever is moving.

Gaddafi is obsessed with crushing and humiliating his Libyan opponents, real and imaginary. He has ordered his armies to kill pro-democracy young men and rape young women. Gaddafi?s regime has kidnapped at least 10,000 young Libyan men whose fate is still unknown.

The world have witnessed with horror ,shock , disbelief and sadness the brave young Libyan women Eman Al-Obedi who burst into the hotel ,where the international correspondents were confined, and exposed the despicable sickening acts sexual assaults committed against young Libyan women by Gaddafi?s Gestapo.

The Libyan prodemocracy movement is neither an Al-Qaida inspired nor controlled movement as Gaddafi?s propaganda claims. Senator McCain, who courageously took time to visit the Libyan Transitional National Council members in Benghazi, has declared his full support for the Libyan prodemocracy movement and their political leadership and has confirmed he, has not found any trace of Al-Qaida.

As a fellow American and a constituent I call upon you and your colleagues at the US Congress and the Senate to support the following actions:

1) Save the Libyan young woman Eman Al-Obedi, and other women and children victims of rape.

2) Provide humanitarian aid to civilians in Misrata, Zentan, Zawiya. Medication and halal food are needed on an urgent basis. Floating hospitals can be used effectively in Misrata and the other coastal cities.

3) Help get the UN to setup safe-haven zones for Libyan citizens.

4) Arm and train the Pro-Democracy fighters to transform them into an effective fighting force against Gaddafi?s Gestapo, and give them the badly needed assistance until they are fully armed and trained.

5) Jam and Shutdown Gaddafi?s TV and radio propaganda machines. Those propaganda tools are being used effectively by Gaddafi?s regime to convey messages to his secret agents in the freed cities, and to spread fear and misinformation among the population. Shutting those propaganda machines will greatly limit Gaddafi ability to recruit mercenaries; will induce his army officers and those close to him to desert him, and limit his ability to terrorize the Libyan people.

6) Extend the reach of the Pro-democracy TV stations and radio to better inform the Libyan people and counter Gaddafi?s propaganda

7) Shut down the operations of Gaddafi's lobbyist in Washington for providing "aid and comfort to the enemy?. Gaddafi should not be allowed to define our foreign policy.

9) Recognize the Provisional Libyan National Council as the legitimate and sole representative of the Libyan people.

10) Unfreeze Libyan assets worldwide to make them available to the Provisional Libya National Council.

As a constituent I urge you to take the above actions to eliminate Gaddafi?s terror inside and outside Libya. Eliminating Gaddafi is the least you could do for the relatives of those innocent 270 Americans who perished at Lockerbie.