Let's Make the"Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 Retroactive"

Join me in taking a step to assure everyone gets fair sentencing by making the new law(S.1789) retroactive.

We the undersigned ask that our voices be heard in making the "Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 Retroactive".I have a loved one serving a 15 year prison term under the old law.I am asking that those incarcerated before the new law get the chance to have fair sentencing as well.The new law is not retroactive which means the change to mandatory minimum sentences do not benefit anyone who has been already convicted whom are currently serving harsh prison terms.Our prison system is flooded with low-level drug offenders,and non-violent offenders under the old crack disparity law.

We are only asking that the sentence fit the crime. Please reunite loved ones with their families,and give them their lives back.These individuals can never get their time lost back,nor can the children of these incarcerated individuals get the time lost with their parents.

Thank you for reading this lettter.


Mrs.V Williams