Let Kids Run

The Next-Generation of U.S. Government Leaders

I, Matthew Palmerton, is running for the president of the United States. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that a person has to be at least 35 to run for president. That's where I come in. I may be 12 years old, but I can make a difference. My secretary said "Adults have had the past 65 million years to mess up this world. They tried to fix it, but they failed. America needs a next-generation run Government. Children, like me, are Petitioning to be allowed to be heard in America. This is their chance." I, Matthew Palmerton of Saline, Michigan, is trying to raise money for my campaign. ANY, I repeat, ANY extra money I accumulate will go toward the Health care crisis affecting our nation at this time. America needs a new leader. America needs A kid. Children may be small, but they sure can make a difference. Please help me.

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