Let innocent children attend school without vaccines!!

I have been a stay at home/work from home mom for 4 years now and have had to make difficult decisions for my son. I did a lot of research and put time and effort into what I was looking for. It is known that not all vaccines work. Some give horrible reactions and kids can get injured from such vaccines. The chemicals/components in some are not supposed to be in our precious bodies, especially little ones. We are humans and are supposed to be able to make huge life decisions such as what we put into our bodies, teach our kids, and control what we do in life. Free country has no meaning at this point because in reality, it's not. We should be free to make these decisions without repercussions like my son being so excited to start school this year 2022 and being denied everywhere because he is not up to date on vaccines. It is just shocking. Please help me stand up and make a difference in this very difficult world we live in. I know I am not the only one so please please let's make a change and free ourselves and our little ones!