Abolish the electoral College

The electoral college has been a part of this country since the year 1804. This process has been set in place by the 12th Amendment. With this, it ultimately states that during the Presidential Elections, whoever wins the Electoral vote wins the election. Even if said candidate fails to win the popular vote.

Some may not understand how detrimental this process has become. It has affected generations of people, old and young, numerous races, and the poor and middle class. There have been five elections in the past where a candidate has lost the popular vote but has won the electoral vote. One of those five elections was in the year 2000 where George W. Bush was elected. During his presidency for two terms Bush cut funding to Social Security (one of his first policy decisions), failed in reconstructing New Orleans and surrounding areas after Hurricane Katrina, took part in causing the Great Recession, and among other things, retaliated a war that lasted well over a decade.

The next election where this has occurred, and the most popular among this nation, is the 2016 Presidential Election where Donald Trump took over. During his term as President he has managed to start a trade war with China, separated thousands of migrant Hispanic children from their parents, Insighted an Insurrection on The US Capitol in efforts to overturn the 2020 Election, and the most popular among his lengthy list, placed this country in a pandemic that he had full knowledge of several months prior to it reaching this level of severity.

The petition is my call to action, and in order to initiate and maintain change, we must have a unified set agenda. We must come together and focus on one goal at a time, and everything else will fall in line, and become a minuscule task to accomplish. Once this petition has a significant and impactful amount of signatures, it will be sent to Congress demanding that they schedule a convention to amend the 12th Amendment and abolish the Electoral College. If we succeed, every single Presidential Election that follows will be fair, and if Congress does not see fit to abolish the Electoral College, then we will continue to fight for a real and true democracy. I’m making this my mission simply because it’s time for a change. I want to be the change this decade. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your signature.

You can help me by sending your money to act blue. Here’s the link down below.