Prohibition From Shipping US Waste Products Outside The Continental United States of America

The SavingThePlanet organization requests that the Federal Government prohibit the export of any garbage, plastic refuse, or unprocessed scrap from the United States to any country. Further, it encourages the adoption of regulations to require true material recycling and responsible disposal standards within the continental USA. If material is shipped out of USA, there must be a certification that it will be recycled and disposed in accordance with EPA standards, with the organization becoming financially liable for the failure to properly recycle.

We know that 50% of materials are not being recycled as "publicly communicated and expected". Garbage is being dumped in foreign countries or into oceans, both on purpose and in error. We want all consumer and industrial plastics, Styrofoam, and non-biodegradable materials consumed within the continental USA to be recycled, burned, or contained within the continental USA. We do not want to ship our garbage to other nations to process or improperly dispose of.

To encourage behavioral change, the federal government will provide to every family who participates in a plastic recycling programs, at their local level, an annual $50-100 tax credit on household taxes for separating garbage into glass, metal, Styrofoam, food waste, cardboard, and assorted recyclable types of plastic. Municipalities will then separately arrange for the recycling or the disposal of these materials according to EPA standards.

Firms that utilize plastic and Styrofoam in their packaging will pay a shared "production tax" to the federal, state, and local government, with rates that are inverse to the percentage of recycled plastic used in the consumer, industrial, or wholesale packaging. The only exception is for plastics that are used for medical applications and products, where those materials are ultimately incinerated in accordance with DOH and EPA standards.

Manufacturers can be held liable for the environmental damage and the cost of disposal of their packaging materials, including treble liability for fraud or misleading advertising. We want firms to re-imagine and re-engineer their production, transport, and consumer packaging to favor greater use of biodegradable materials and plastic recycling. Manufacturers will receive a tax credit for expenses associated with encouraging recycling by their firms and customers. Example of such creditable efforts include, the collection and reuse of cardboard boxes, the % use of recycled plastic in products and packaging, and the greater use of biodegradability paper in industry and consumer packaging.

The goal is the implementation of these rules by 01/01/2022. The taxes collected will be allocated to finance the provision of the tax credit and the cost of hiring people and equipment used to clean the land and shores of the United States ( lake, river, ocean, woodland), with 30% of the money allocated to US business and charity firms, owned at least 60% by US citizens, and at least a 50% US citizen workforce who are cleaning the ocean of plastic waste. 10% of the taxes collected will be used to fund research into the development of processes to safely dissolve plastic and oil using enzymes or bacteria (make biodegradable). Research credits can also be applied to the development of product alternatives, like using poly-carbon materials to simulate materials that would otherwise use stone, gravel, or asphalt. This includes building products, roofing materials and landscape materials.

The overall goal of the program is to discourage single use plastic packaging, reduce littering by citizens, pollution by industry, encourage development and market of the recycling industry, the greater use of recycled materials, and clean up the USA by 2030 to a biodegradable litter state similar to 1890. within the continental USA. The program tax will end in 2030 as overall goals and behaviors have been achieved. The majority of the taxes collected will stay within the USA to encourage employment and environmental cleanup.

We seek these resolutions because plastic and Styrofoam pollution is harming our ecology, infiltrating our food supply, and is a potential carcinogen to human beings and overall bio-hazard. We can change behaviors and Save The Planet.

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