I would really love for Congress to take this serious. There are families being ripped apart due to lies and deceit from CPS. My family has one of those stories. DHS removes children from homes for no apparent reason. They make up lies stating that the child was/is abused with no proof. They show up at families doors stating they have a warrant to remove said child from their home yet don't have proof of this warrant. CPS states it's a "verbal warrant". If it's not bad enough that CPS removes children then how about the fact that they have several family members for placement but literally lie and say there isn't an family members and places the child in a foster home. Let's also talk about the fact that my grand-daughter was taken to the hospital due to breathing issues, Mother was told she couldn't stay with her "NEWBORN" baby, called in a Foster parent and sent Mom home! Mother called hospital several times to get updates on her newborn and was told by hospital employees that CPS told them NOT to give any updates!
This has to stop already!!!! When is enough enough?!!!!! Please make this right and investigate these cases and do something about it!