Legalization or Decriminlization of Marijuana

This would help the economy

To whom it may concern,

I'm putting forth this petition because I strongly believe that the legalization or even just decriminlization would help our economy flourish. One way that it would help is it would employ hundreds of people needed for the farming and cultivation for it. Truck sales would go up because of the need for trucks to carry the product. If it was readily available is specifically designated stores that would also boost the economy. There are so many people out there that smoke marijuana, the shear amount of money that the government would make in one year from the sale of legal marijuana would be staggering. I know that marijuana use is somewhat of a faux-paux but if we can put that aside I think that the legalization or decriminlization of marijuana would be just what this country needed. Look at Europe, you can legally buy marijuana in a bunch of countries over there and they have a lower adolescent marijuana use statistic than the US. I honestly believe that this would be something that would make history.