Legalization of Cannabis FEDERALLY

Cannabis also known as Hemp, Marijuana, or weed ,as everyone now knows this plant has more health benefits than anything else that man kind has ever experienced. From helping with PTSD, SEIZURES, INFLAMMATION, PAIN, ANXIETY, DIABETES, ALL THE WAY TO REBUILDING PARTS OF OUR BRAIN STEM AND SO MUCH MORE I COULD GO ON AND ON with absolutely NO negative side effects. It's now time to legalize this remarkable plant on a federal level not just for the medical aspect but for the farmers in America, the nation in a hole better quality for energy, clothing saving of trees will increase oxygen percentage there are so many reasons to finally legalize this cannabis plant FEDERALLY it will instantly bring our country out of any debt it will bring the country back to its greatness of past creating millions of jobs reassuring the future of our country's economy and health of the ones we love